Three Simple Strategies for
Back To School

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Three Simple Strategies For a Great Start to the Virtual School Year by Kelly.

Here are some healthy strategies I’m prepping this week after talking with counselors and educators this summer.. 

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Black Lives In the Harbor.

The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Trigger Warning: the content below includes mentions of police brutality against people of color. In May, the killing of yet another black life set off waves of protests around the world demanding change. We watched news reports of millions of […]

Planting the Good by Carly

Things are hard at this moment. Immensely hard. COVID-19 came in and suddenly life as we knew it, was changed. As if the daily threat of being exposed to a virus with no known vaccine and limited healthcare resources isn’t terrifying enough; the overload on our mental health is just as devastating. People are isolated. […]

I Am Not a Fucking Teacup by Bethany.

I’m not a fucking teacup. I’m not fragile like a set of fancy dishes. My worth isn’t measured by how I look.  My value isn’t wrapped up in sex. My pussy isn’t a flower; it doesn’t make me fragile… and I wont allow my worth to be calculated by it. My value doesn’t decrease increase,or […]


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