Cheers, Mom. By Nicole

Here’s to the one woman that keeps me strong. The one I call when I have the happiest of news to share, and the one I call when my day can’t get any worse. The one who’s voice can comfort me in any situation, from 1000 miles away, just by saying hello through the line. 

Cheers, mom to you, for showing me unconditional love. For asking me, did you pray about it? For instilling in me the importance of loving everyone, for who they are. Thank you for knowing me, listening to me, checking in on me and thinking of me. 

For 34 years, we’ve shared highs and lows, we’ve shared hobbies and we’ve enjoyed the differences we each have. Cheers to you mom, for inspiring me to stay true to myself. For teaching me values that I now share with my daughter. 

It wasn’t until I became a mother that my appreciation for you became so much more. Understanding the love that you hold for me, fully. Knowing the heart wrenching pain some of my decisions brought to you, as I grew as a person. The sleepless nights, with thoughts of motherhood swirling my mind – bringing me to you and how you handled the same concerns as a mother. 

I feel closer to you than ever, with the connection of motherhood bringing us together in ways I never knew would happen. I am confident as a mother and know that whatever trials I find myself in with my daughter, I can turn to you. 

Cheers, mom. For making a difference, for being the best mom you know how to be, and exactly the mom that I need. 

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