Someday by Carly

Someday Sydney you’ll realize you may be looked upon differently because you’re female. You may be held to a certain standard that’s archaic; told you can’t or shouldn’t do certain things. You may be told how to look, what size you should be, what celebrity you should try to copy. Someday girl, you may get a broken heart. You could be made to feel unworthy, un-special and not enough. All of that is bull.

Someday girl you’ll have dreams – go for them. Live with your head in the clouds. Learn any & every way that works for you. An education is always worth it. Someday you may get married. You will plan and dream a life with someone that feels almost magical. Grow with that person but don’t let their success define you. Your last name may change but don’t let that change you. Have your own passions and goals then go after them with everything you have and hopefully you’ll find support along the way.

My sweet girl, don’t worry too much about setbacks. Heartache may come in many forms but so does healing. Know that life is hard. Fight for everything you want. Know your self-worth. Girl, anyone else’s opinion of you is none of your business. You alone decide what is your path.

And know you are here because of the generations of women before you that worked hard and fought for everything you have – don’t dare take that for granted. Celebrate being a woman because girl, you have so much to offer this world

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