Making Time by Carly

The limited number of hours in each day is never quite equal to the amount of things happening or chores to get done or errands that need ran. It’s hard enough finding time to shower in the midst of being a working mama of three plus a military spouse. Life is insane, always. Somewhere in that hurricane, it’s vital to find those sliver of moments that are for no one but yourself. Call it self-care, call it whatever you want. As long as you make time. Maybe it’s picking up that book you’ve been meaning to finish, after the kids are down and maybe that means letting the dishes soak a little bit longer. Maybe it’s actual sleep, like at a normal hour, which means you’re not up folding laundry passed midnight. Recently for me, it’s getting back to art that makes me happy. Art that has no financial gain for me and is not requested by anyone but myself. Now just like writing, will I always have the time or energy to devote to it? No. But like an old, trusted friend, it will be there waiting for when I need it. When I pick up that watercolor brush or apple pencil it’s like the 400 hats I’ve been wearing all day long are removed. When I’m creating for myself, I’m Carly, not mom, not marketing manager, not Mrs. Brettmann. I’m just Carly. And that, like my loves of fall below, make me deliriously happy.

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