My Postpartum Promise by Jen

I promise to take care of myself. To rest, drink water, and eat all of the calories I can comfortably consume. To not feel guilty about putting my feet up & asking for help.

I promise to feel my feelings. To not judge myself on what I should be doing and to just accept myself, right where I am.

I promise to cherish my squishy belly. To adore it just as much as when my baby was in it. To not wish it away or to want it to go back to “normal.” To talk and think positive thoughts about my body. To purposefully speak self-love so my children can hear it too.

I promise to give myself grace. To not compare myself to others.

I promise to enjoy my sweet newborn baby and all of the cuddles and quiet moments that won’t be here forever.

I promise to re-evaluate my needs constantly. To acknowledge that I am recovering and to be gentle with myself, even when I feel great. And especially when I am feeling tired, slow, and low on energy.

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