15 Minutes With Mom by Andrea

Life is busy. Life with 4 kids, school, sports, managing a team of post office/licensing clerks and a cleaning business is (crazy) busy. As it is every new school year, getting back into our routine is hard. Our day is probably very similar to yours.

We wake up and it’s a mad rush to get ready. We wake 3 of 4 kids up for school. While I am getting ready myself, I have to gently remind the 3 to keep moving as they don’t have much time. After finding missing socks and backpacks we are ready to head out. We give kisses and say our goodbyes. Daddy drops 3 of 4 kids off at their elementary school and goes back to pick up our big middle schooler.

After an insane day at work, I return home and go straight into momma mode. I am picking up kids and head to sports. I have two in flag football and two in basketball. Practices are almost every day of the week along with homework and school activities. Did I mention my husband and I also run a full-time cleaning business? Some nights we start our second shifts after the kids are in bed, returning home in the early hours and relieving either a grandparent or sitter of their nightly watch duty.

After learning about my daily routine, you can imagine it’s hard for all my little ones to get their one-on-one time with their momma. So I have come up with an idea that we started at the beginning of school called “15 minutes with Mom”.

Each night I ask the kids to get ready for bed around 8 and brush up. Once they are in the beds, I will come around and either lay with them and chat about their day or rub their back. This allows great one-on-one time and I get to hear how school is going. Since starting this, it has been an awesome way to reconnect with my two oldest daughters. I get to hear all about their days when its quiet and we can focus just on our conversation. I suggest every busy momma to try this. Slow down, even for 15 minutes, to reconnect after the chaos of each day has ended.

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